Monday, October 15, 2012

BzzAgent...Sorry to bore ya

So, a while back I was chosen to get the glade BzzAgent Glade oil Diffuser & fragrance room spray for free to try and it came with hella coupons which I couldn't give out fast enough.

Anyways, I was not very impressed but I was VERY thankful I was able to try them for free to know nothing yet will be ever so better than the Glade Oil Warmers and Scent Expressions that you plug in. THOSE are the bomb and with running my own home based business where I have new people (multiple, daily) in my home a lot, I get a lot of "Ahhh's" and "Oooohhh's" & "You have the best smelling house EVER!!". Honestly, it is becuase of the plug in warmers withe the fans.

That oil diffuser (yup, the one pictured below) is NOT worth the money. If you have a bangin' coupon, buy all means, try it, if not, pass on it, seriously.

The refill spray stuff we got to try for free.....The room spray we got for free to try, it was ok; it was room frangrance. When you poop, you spray it, all is well. BUT, again, it's a "refillable" on that costs way too much and runs out VERY quickly. NOT worth it, either in my book.
Source. Uhhh, hello, do you see the price tag?

I'll stick with Glade's $.99 poop spray, thanks!!

Love and smelly goods,


Elle Sees said...

Thanks for letting us know about this and your honest review!! Following now and stopping by again!

Janene Krajci Christine Hutchinson said...

We nominated you for The Liebster Award today!

Come see:

Anonymous said...

Where are you!!!!!!!

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