Friday, June 29, 2012

Influenster Mom VoxBox

Some of you may have been chosen for a Mom VoxBox & some of you may not even know what it is. What is it? It's basically a box full of samples/goodies sent out to chosen members of, of which I am one.

I was chosen to get the Mom Voxbox & I was really excited! Although, once it arrived, I wasn't all that thrilled. I know the June Beauty VoxBox had some kickin' stuff in it & I also can assume the value was upwards of $50 or more. I was so excited to join in this madness and even more stoked to get my email stating I was chosen to get the Mom VoxBox.

Here's my picture of what all was inside:

In a nutshell, here's what it included:
2 sample packs of DenTek teeth flossers (each with $1 off coupons on the backside of packaging)
1 bar of white Ivory Soap
1 Quaker brand Soft Baked oatmeal cookie
1 imPRESS press on nails by Broadway
Nektar honey crystals (Same awesomeness as honey without the sticky mess)
1 box of 16 tea bags that were fruity flavors.

Ummm. Yup. That's it. That's what us awesome mom's get. 

Oh, I'll add that most other blogger momma's whom I've seen blog about their Mom VoxBox's also got a rad dish drying mat - which I did not get. Seems everyone was soooo happy about their voxbox because of the nifty dish drying mat. Which, again, I did not get. I really would have been much happier had I received one of those.

I'm kinda giggling as I type this, thinking "Geez, ungrateful much??" It is sort of funny, ungrateful about a box of free stuff - but, again, I seen previous boxes and couldn't WAIT to see what I got. Honestly, I just don't understand the "Momness" of this box. Where's the new make-moms-already-hectic-life-easier-brand-spankin-new items we should "test out". I dunno. Call me what you will...I just expected more. 

Sidenote: I am a mom of an almost 3 year old and a very active 17 month old; can you see how great my press on nails would last mothering those two? HAHA! So funny, right? 

Am I being rediculous? They want our honest opinions, so there ya have it!

Can't wait to brew some fruity tea with my honey crystals that will probably go cold because I just lost one of my press on nails in the shag carpet trying to fish out the Quaker Oatmeal Cookie crumbs from letting my 17 month old taste test it. BWAHAHA. 


Or press on nails...

Ungratefully yours,

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grooming is vrooming...

It's been about 2 weeks now since we started taking clients for our home based dog grooming business. I will admit, in the first week, I was really second guessing myself..I wasn't getting any encouragement or congrats from most people I know and I wasn't getting very many appointments, either. My close friends kept telling me to relax, it's only just starting and it takes time. I should have listened to them and just saved myself some grief. 

I'd like to announce that we did, in fact, make a very smart business choice and our business is fast approaching what it was when we had our business in Missouri, 3 years ago.

We are easily answering close to ten-15 phone calls a day and easily grooming 1-3 dogs a day. Being that I groom from my home and I do not have any outside help with my 2 toddlers, I will not groom more than 3 dogs per day. Sometimes even 3 seems too much for my children. I've even thought about *gasp* part time childcare for them while I groom, because I get to feeling guilty that I can't allow them to stay hemmed up my butt whilst grooming and that I'm not hanging all over them for 4 hours out of the day. I always have something to feel guilty about, why not feel guilty for working in the home, as well, right?

Anyways...Check out some of our first few clients:
Zowey [PeekaPoo] - Before
Zowey - AFTER
Poodle "Clean Feet" Before & After
Lexi - Japanese Chin - Before
Lexi - AFTER

This next pup was one heckuva job...but, we were happy do help her!! She (the dog) was completely matted, a good 6" long coat and it was ALL matted. It is so very painful for a dog to have any matting, let alone their entire body. Even worse, if matting is all the way down to the dog's skin, it's even more painful. It hurts them to move, run, walk, twist, get up, lie down, anything. The coat pulls just as if someone was pulling your hair as hard as they could, but imagine it being pulled 24/7 & even harder depending on how you moved. Very important to keep your dogs brushed and making sure you're using a slicker brush and making sure the bristles are making contact with the scalp of the dog as you are brushing them out - if not, this is the result:
Dolly [GoldenDoodle Hybrid] - BEFORE

You can sort of see the entire plate (or one giant mat) that I was chiseling off her with my clippers.
Dolly - AFTER

& here's an adorable picture to leave you with....our youngest bitty Princess rocking her Baby Legs™ & looking so darling, don't you think? My oldest would not wear them, but our youngest loves them & that makes me happy. 

Stay Tuned tomorrow for my official "Potty Training is COMPLETE: Child 1 of 2", so that I can fully explain how we accomplished it, what we did, how long it took, & more!

Popsicles & Puddin' Pops,

Sunday, June 24, 2012

5 Faves

I loved this sweet & simple idea from this really fun blogger...

My favorite picture from this week:
Holy Guacamole you know what this picture means? My 7 month hiatus of spending (literally) not a dime on myself for anything other than a do-or-die-must-have is over. I am not kidding when I say, "Mama has not had anything, and I mean anything, extra" and damn it, I still felt guilty...although they look great!

Moving on...

1. Favorite make-up everrrrr: MAC C.R.E.A.M. Eyeshadow Palette. Just as bold on as in the case!

2. Favorite guilty pleasure as of right now..
Yeah, seriously. What is WRONG with me. Serious cravings for these...bad enough to keep them in my cupboard & I usually would not ever buy this crap.

3. Favorite dream vacation with my man...
Duh. Bora Bora. In one of those really unique huts over the water, please.

4. Favorite thing to hate as of late...
     Toddler is completely potty trained (hooray, 2 months before her 3rd birthday) and not even wearing diapers at any time, even bedtime...& no accidents. What do I hate about this? She does not like to be woken up in her sleep to have to get up and go pee. We couldn't figure out why she kept waking in the night, coming to our bed and freaking out crying & saying, "I not want tooooo"...all because she has to get up and pee. It's a tough life princess..this is only the beginning. Poor kid, dern bodily functions interrupting her beauty rest. Me no likey, because then, she's up for hours!!

5. Favorite TV show as of late...
Yup. There you have it. I admitted it! I just loveeee this show. I haven't ever seen any of the other casts, only the OC cast. I've never missed one episode. I do not watch hardly any TV, but this is my must watch. 

There ya have it!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Style...

Summer Style

Ruffle top
$9.95 -

Hydraulic denim jean shorts
$29 -

Coach logo tote bag
$358 -

Tiffany Co tiffany co jewelry
$265 -

Chain jewelry
$55 -

Rose jewelry
$11 -

Chanel sunglasses

MAC Cosmetics matte eyeshadow
$20 -

MAC Cosmetics eyeliner
$19 -

$14 -

Opi nail lacquer
$8 -

My polyvore set showcasing my favorite summer style. :)


Another great thing we're doing in our home this summer is to re-grow our store bought scallions! We love to use a little bit of them in a lot of things we cook and eat. I read this online somewhere & just thought it to be so amazing, so we did it too!

Here is what they looked like just a few hours after cutting them & putting them in water:

& this is what they look like as of right now, just 4 days later :)

Try it! 

Summer Savings,

Friday, June 22, 2012

A sale to not miss...

I'm here with some good news for ya.

I don't know if any of you know it or not....but right now, at Bath & Body Works is the crazy good BIG Semi-Annual Sale! 

Do you know what that means?! Classics are only $3 for full size and most everything is either $4 or $3 and also 50% off candles and other stuff is 75% off, like the anti-bacterial hand soaps. 

GAH!!!! That's crazy to me! I guess I've been living under a rock my entire adult life because I never heard of them having this great sale, hence why I had the urge to blog about it. 

Have you guys smelled Secret Wonderland?
Image form Bath & Body Works website.

I don't know if it's old news, but seriously, I can't stop smelling myself and raving about how GOOD it smells to my husband who I am sure already knows because I can't stop spraying it. :) He's so good, he answers me like the first time, every time, just to keep me happy...and I love that. 

So, yes, Secret's almost a deep musk but then it tricks you and it's a sweet fruity but then floral like, too. Very interesting and I've never smelled anything like it. Go get some, especially while it's so cheap right now. You won't regret it. Thanks Kailyn!!


Oh, and by the way, I'm such a sucker for all things give-away, I just wanted to tell you about the latest give-a-way that I entered...Plum District is giving away a voucher for a Diamond Candle...just head on over to The Peanuts Gang to enter~! 

Love & other indoor sports,

Sunday, June 17, 2012

To our daddy...

Ever since I could remember; as far back as a little girl, I dreamed of choosing the right father for my children. 
A father who would treat them as "daddy's little girls". 
A father who would always be there for them, protect their emotions, let them know that he cares about their feelings & that they can always talk to him. I wanted my daughters to have a daddy that they played with, laughed with, cried with, & that no matter what, he'd always let them know he loves them. 
A father that showed them he loved & respected their mother and would never hurt her, or them. A father that would always encourage them and praise them. 
A father who isn't afraid to tell anyone how much he loves his daughters. 
A father who would smile at them and tell them they were the most beautiful girls a father could have. 
A father that is interested in everything they do, because he cares. 
A father who would provide for them, not just financially, but emotionally. 
A father who valued family time and made it a priority. 
A father who would show empathy, sympathy, and loyalty. 
A father that listened. 
A father who prayed with them.
 A father........ who was nothing like mine. 
Everyday that I watch Brandon with our daughters, I feel like I have given them the best gift ever...the father that every girl needs. He is everything and more than I ever dreamed a father would be. 
♥ Thank you Brandon... 
@ the park

@ the KC Zoo

@ the park

Daddy's special floor picnic

@ 1st Birthday Celebration

@ pumkin patch in Missouri

@ home

Forever, I'll owe you... for being that father.

Enjoy your day,

Friday, June 15, 2012

When will this end...

 I'm wondering if anyone else has had this occurrence:

My almost 3 year old little girl has never been the type to sleep in our bed. I tried when she was an infant, begged as she got older, even tried to bring her to our bed after she fell asleep. Never. Never would she ever want to sleep in our bed. Matter of fact, she'd never sleep anywhere unless she was in her car seat or in her crib/toddler bed with her lullaby CD playing or a movie on (I know, boo on the TV). 
So, here we are, almost 3 years and now she's at that age where I just find myself counting down the minutes til bedtime because I need a break. Aaaaand of course, she all the sudden wants nothing to do with her bed or bedroom, at bedtime, or at all during the night. OK, or even the morning, ha.

It doesn't matter; even if she ends up being so tired she does fall asleep in her room, at some point, I wake up with her in my bed. And I'm even holding her in my sleep - she's good
Some nights, we even experience what we call "night terrors". It seems she'll wake up in her bed, start screaming and crying, comes to our bed, and then doesn't want any consoling or anything of that sort. To us, it seems as if she is still sleeping. Takes her about 5-10 minutes to let her wake up on her own and stop the "fit". Then she's all the sudden back to her normal self and calms down almost immediately. Usually, one of us can take her back to bed, but then she just ends up in our room, again. I've even found her in the morning, under an extra blanket that was on the floor at the foot of my bed. She is very determined!

I'm not quite sure if this is the norm, if most toddlers do this, and what it is that I may need to do, if anything at all, or even if we may be doing something wrong. 

Of course, both babes have been staying up until the wee hours of morning, maybe even until 4am. And then they expect to sleep all afternoon. It sure is difficult to try and finagle two toddlers into a schedule once it has gotten to be so swapped.

 Anyone else experience this? What has your experiences been? I'm rather curious. :)

Keep yourself happy,

Monday, June 11, 2012

My cloth diapering experience...

Although my babies aren't really babies anymore, being that my oldest is almost 3 and my youngest is 16 months old (today), something kept pushing me into making "The Change" cloth diapers.

I have always thought the newer, more modern cloth diapers were really neat and didn't ever think it would be too difficult, but when I went online to look at them and think about purchasing some, I just couldn't understand all the different types, brands, laundry detergents, cleaning methods, and of course, all the different lingo for them, haha. So, when my sister had her third baby and decided to do cloth with the new baby, I thought it'd be great, so I can finally have someone who I can physically look at their diapers and to have someone explain it to me as if I were two. (Yes, I need things explained to me quite often that way). So, after many-a-phone calls and visits with my sister and getting to see it first hand and hear from someone who wasn't trying to "sell" me into it (and of course my cloth diapering friends helped, too) - I decided it was time. [ok, that and the fact that we had no income & we needed to cut costs anywhere possible.]

Now, my biggest road block in switching, besides not really understanding it all, was the initial investment. Most diapers with inserts generally run between $8-$30+. With us not having an income for a few months, I could not even fathom paying this - AT ALL. HA! Don't ever underestimate my internet shopping skills! I ended up finding pocket diapers on eBay, known to most cloth diapering mama's as "Ebay Cheapies". 

This is what they look like:

I can typically win an auction for a diaper and 1 insert for around $2. I have had an awesome time with these; no leaks or poop 'splosions. I will say this: the insert that comes with it is only a double layer and it is about 2" shorter. You can definitely tell a difference. What I did was purchase a "buy it now" insert that ships from China, as well, for $.99 for 1, free shipping. The $.99 inserts that you can get separately are sooooo much nicer and better. 

I usually stuff my eBay cheapies with 2 of the nicer inserts for overnight or if we are going to be out of the house for a while. For just around the house, I'll put one nice insert with one of the real cheapie inserts that was included in the diaper auction.

For us, the only downfall for these diapers is that they are shipped from China, so they take up to 3 weeks to arrive. I couldn't wait to get all of them, so I used old fashioned Gerber Rubber Pants over very thick Indian unbleached Prefolds secured with a snappi or diaper pins (pins were only used in a pinch, I do not like the pins). Quite honestly, we actually like and sometimes prefer the old fashioned way. I was even able to get my husband on board and he knows how to fold the prefolds and put them on our baby.
This is my preferred cloth diaper get-up. 

Once all my pocket diapers came in from China, I was so thrilled. Here they are (well, most of them):
This is the pocket diapers with the inserts in them.
I am such a cloth diapering geek with my little eBay cheapies, but I take a lot of pride in them and wash them every day and I even keep them in the little diapers stacker that still hangs in their bedroom. See?

I'm so glad I made the switch to cloth. Look how cute my little Princess looks while sleeping with her rubber pants on over her prefold diaper. heehee.

As for laundering them? I simply keep a wetbag by my washer and dryer (nope, it's not even in a pail, it's hanging from a hook) and every night I wash them. I take the inserts out and dump them in. I just do a small load setting & my washer has a "2nd Rinse" setting as well, so I put that on, too. I do not spend the ridiculous amount of money on the special cloth diaper detergent either...of course, I use my homemade laundry detergent. It's great. I do not use any stain lifters or fabric softeners. We have super dooper hard water here, so if I can tell the diapers are not absorbing well, I'll run them through the wash with a few drops of Dawn dish soap and no detergent and it seems to fix them right up. I love to bleach them in the Florida sunshine we are blessed with, but luckily for me, it's summer time so that means it rains everyday, haha! If it is raining or night time, I will put them in the dryer. I've been doing this for about 2 months now and they have all held up and work great. I had 1 diaper cover pull apart from the plastic PUL layer...but that's the best part: @ $2 each, WHO CARES! :)

I really hope other people with babies in diapers would give cloth diapering a shot. At least get some to have on hand...What if there was a bad storm and you couldn't get to a store. What if for some crazy reason the stores had no disposables in stock. What if you wanted to just help our environment, just a teenie weenie bit? ;) Try's really easy - AND CHEAP!

I spent MAYBE $35 on my entire stock of cloth diapers and that's it. I no longer pay for disposable every week or month and do not even pay for laundry detergent....I'm on to something.....Come on, join me. You have NOTHING to lose! :)

Love & Laughter,

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