Sunday, June 17, 2012

To our daddy...

Ever since I could remember; as far back as a little girl, I dreamed of choosing the right father for my children. 
A father who would treat them as "daddy's little girls". 
A father who would always be there for them, protect their emotions, let them know that he cares about their feelings & that they can always talk to him. I wanted my daughters to have a daddy that they played with, laughed with, cried with, & that no matter what, he'd always let them know he loves them. 
A father that showed them he loved & respected their mother and would never hurt her, or them. A father that would always encourage them and praise them. 
A father who isn't afraid to tell anyone how much he loves his daughters. 
A father who would smile at them and tell them they were the most beautiful girls a father could have. 
A father that is interested in everything they do, because he cares. 
A father who would provide for them, not just financially, but emotionally. 
A father who valued family time and made it a priority. 
A father who would show empathy, sympathy, and loyalty. 
A father that listened. 
A father who prayed with them.
 A father........ who was nothing like mine. 
Everyday that I watch Brandon with our daughters, I feel like I have given them the best gift ever...the father that every girl needs. He is everything and more than I ever dreamed a father would be. 
♥ Thank you Brandon... 
@ the park

@ the KC Zoo

@ the park

Daddy's special floor picnic

@ 1st Birthday Celebration

@ pumkin patch in Missouri

@ home

Forever, I'll owe you... for being that father.

Enjoy your day,


Sandi said...

I can so identify with your wanting a father for your children that was nothing like the father you had. I raised two children alone without a father and this time with Ben I finally got it right. You are so lucky to have Brandon. Those who love you will keep reminding how lucky you both are to have each other. Always.

Country Daughter said...

Wow Kristen that made me get teary! I was lucky to have that kind of daddy but I realize not everyone is. I am so happy God led you to B! <3 It!!

Kristen said...

I know Brandon was God's way of saying, "Ok, here, I was just jokin'" LMAO!

Evelyn said...

You are a very smart girl! You knew very early that the best thing you can give you children is the greatest father:) I am so happy you have done that. Your young family brings tears to my eyes, you are all very lucky to have each other. Thank you for sharing at Freedom Fridays!

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