Saturday, June 2, 2012

Times Are Changing..

It seems that in this economy (& I know we've all heard this from at least one person we know) it is really difficult to get hired at a decent paying job. Even with degrees and ample experience, people these days are just struggling to get ahead.

You know what I think the solution is to that? Make your own money. Do something, make something, offer a service, that others need and will need again and again.

Once upon a time...I ran a successful Dog Grooming (out of my home) business. I kept really good records (clients and money). I had a great clientele. I was doing really well for myself and my partner (before kids). I made a real name for myself where we lived. I was well known at the local Dog Parks. Our little Jinger (white toy poodle) was well known, as well. I really enjoyed it, too. So did my man. I taught him and he groomed with me. It was fun. We had no overhead, so it worked great.

Toy Poodle ~ BEFORE

Toy Poodle ~ AFTER

Poodles were my thing. Groomers will say, "If you can groom a poodle, you can truly groom". I LOVE TO GROOM POODLES. I really believe Grooming to be an art.

Well, when I got pregnant with my oldest baby back in November, 2008, I just felt too depressed and was very concerned with the lifting, bending, swooping, plus I was having an extreme issue with depression in my early I made the executive decision to quit my business.

I really didn't regret it. I was actually quite relieved. But now my babies are almost 3 & 1 and I feel it's time to give it another go. 

So...Here we go...I'll now be grooming again, after a 3 year break. I can not wait. It'll be great and good things will prosper from this adventure. 


Jinger Josephine ~ Cut by Brandon, Color by Kristen

Stay tuned for more news and pictures from our new grooming journey <3

(All pictures are from my personal portfolio, either myself or my husband did the grooming on both toy poodles pictured and all grooming pictures are property of MamaWinkle)


Sandi said...

I wish you the best of luck! I'm sure you will do well!

Kristen said...

Thank you!

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