Thursday, May 31, 2012

I am..I love..I feel..I want..

I want... to hurry up and start my pet grooming business again. 
Nothing like cash everyday and no overhead, YEAH BABY!!

I need... to see a Dr. I stopped going for my back issues when I 
moved to FL 6 months ago, but here recently, my back 
and my foot are giving me major grief again - but I refuse to 
take those GAWD AWFUL pain meds EVER again!!

I wish... that I could just snap my fingers and already have schoo
figured out. I want to go somewhere else, other than my current 
school, but I'm just confused and don't know where to start.

I watched... the saddest "E! Investigates w/ Lisa Ling", this afternoon, 
about the Susan Cox Powell (and family) tragedy. Man, that is one SAD,
 SAD story...those poor little boys and their maternal 
grandparents :'( - I cried...don't get me started on that, though.

I am... so thankful my girls are finally in bed for the night - let's just 
hope M stays put for the entire night (so far, not looking good) :P

I feel... content. This is usually something I never feel anymore, 
but more and more these past couple of weeks, I am finding myself 
in a state of content again. Things are finally going our way without
 any rude bumps in the road...seemed for so long, that's all we got -
 RUDE bumps in the road, :) .

I love... my family that B & I have kids are so cool. 

I hate... being broke. I must chant in my head, "This is only 
temporary" LOL

I hurt... when I lie in my back has issues, dude. 

I hope... we can move past this part of our lives VERY quickly. And 
soon. It's time to be back on top and laugh at those who 
laughed at us...

Have a great night!! =]

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