Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MY Home-Made Laundry Detergent

I know that this topic is found ALL over the Internet within different blogging sites, BUT, I know people don't go searching every little thing out like I do, all the time. When I say "Ooohhh, I'm gonna Google that", this usually entails an all out 1 hour research nerd fest on my behalf. True story.

Anyhow, I spent a month or so researching how to quit spending my little bit of extra cash on stuff that I hated to spend that extra cash on....low and behold, Laundry Detergent! I researched how people liked it for cloth diapers (which I found was acceptable and I loved because we've already determined that my little spare change was NOT going to stretch for expensive "Cloth Diaper Detergent").

It's actually quite simple, in deed. Many of my close relatives and friends have asked "What's the recipe?"

Well, here it is! will most likely need to purchase 3 items:
  1. Borax Powder
  2. Arm & Hammer Washing Soda (not BAKING)
  3. Fels Naptha Laundry Soap Bar
Property of MamaWinkle
I purchased each of these in the exact same spot (down the Laundry Detergent Isle) at everyone's fav, Wal-Mart, to the fine tune of only $8!

Now, you may want a 5-gal bucket with a lid (I used my cooler to mix it up and let soak, then bottled it in different jugs I saved up) and I've heard you can usually find these at Lowe's for around $4.

Here's how I made it:
  1. Take your Fels Naptha bar (it's just like a long bar of soap) & cut it into 3 equal parts. I wrapped the remaining two pieces in saran wrap to save to make other batches later on down the road.
  2.  Using a grater, yes, a cheese grater, grate the third of a bar into a medium saucepan.
  3. Add 6 cups of water and heat until all soap is melted, do NOT boil.
  4. Add half cup of each Borax & Washing Soda to the mixture. Mix until dissolved.
  5. Dump saucepan into big 5-gal container, add either 22 cups of hot water or fill up to almost the top of a 5-gal bucket.
  6. Let sit overnight.

Now that it has sat overnight, SURPRISE!!!! It's gotta really neat consistency to it. Kinda gelled, kinda liquid. It's not necessary to mix it, not even before you put some in the load of wash you're dying to do. Just use a half a cup for a regular load (I always use extra so I use a full cup, no matter the load :P ) & for front loaders (H.E.) this is awesome stuff, because it does NOT suds up.

Also, if you want some good fabric softener and you have hard water (which us in Jacksonville, FL have it the worst, I believe), here is a simple fabric softener recipe:

Mix together (do not shake, it will foam up) in a bowl:
  1. 2c of Suave Conditioner (whatever smell you like)
  2. 2c of white vinegar
  3. 6c of water
I put mine in my old store bought fabric softener bottle. 

Have fun with it - if you have grade school kids or even preschoolers, invite them to get involved and explain WHY you chose to do this.

Let me know if you use this!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... interesting yo!!!

Kristen said...

I love itttt.....So glad I am not spending outrageous dolla dolla bills on that stuff anymore!

Nicole said...

I must be old, I can't read this font :(

Kristen said...

lol is it too small or the color?

Kristen said...

There! Just for you, sis!

Kate said...

Thanks for posting this! I have been wanting to try some of the recipes I find on Pinterest! Maybe I will give this one a try! :)

Kate said...

Also, do you have a way to follow other then email? I don't seem to see anything? Thanks!

Kristen said...

Hi Kate...Thanks a bunch, you should most definitely try it - it's so easy!! You will be so glad once you've done it, promise. Also, I am still new to this, so I didn't know people couldn't follow me easily, haha, but I have changed it and you should be able to find it on the right column now :) THANKS! I'll follow back.

Nicole said...

So much better!! Good Job! Ugh Captia or however its spelled

Bandalu1 said...

Kristen, you know that you can also make this in a powder form. This is what we use. It takes up less space.. just use a cup of each the washing soda, borax and fels naptha flakes and mix them up. I also use dollar store oxi clean. When you put it in the washing machine we put the water on hot for a minute just to make sure the fels naptha disolves well. Then for our fabric softner we only use 1/2 cup of white vinager. It works amazingly! I use white vinager for everything, from cooking to cleaning.. it is also a great hair detaingler! The smell goes away when it dries and works great!

Kristen said...

Hello...Thanks, that sounds great! I'll have to keep that in mind :)

Evelyn said...

I am kinda liking this mix your own laundry detergent that I have been seeing around. I am sure it's way more cheaper and prob cleans better. Besides I live in the country and just hate running to town for items. Its actually faster and easier for me to make things from scratch. But anyway I am thinking I will be trying to make this (especially the fabric softener). Thanks for sharing at Freedom Fridays and for grabbing my button. I so appreciate the support:) Have a fantastic week!

Kristen said...

Evelyn...the only complaint I have (because we're ex-Gain users) is that the scent isn't there, but boy, our clothing and blankets & towels sure are fluffy!! I like to say they smell like they've been line dried out in a nice freshly cut grass field but, they are super fluffy. & yes, I believe it washes better due to how well my cloth diapers come out! This recipe makes 5 gallons worth, so it would definitely last you a while. Hope you blog about your venture with it!

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