Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's Story Time, Folks! I am. Not much to say....or is it that there's just too much to say and not enough time. I'm going with the latter. 

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It's story time, Folks~!

...Let me tell you about a little girl who woke her mommy & daddy up by crying and screaming as she sat upon the toilet at 4am. Well, mommy went down the hall, across the house to see what was the matter. My little 3 year old said, whilst crying hysterically,
"Mommy, [inaudible] frog...scared..get door..."
Mommy goes to move the door and 3 year old then screams even louder.
So, mommy left 3 year old sitting and crying on the toilet and went back to her bedroom to recruit daddy for this job. Mommy said,
"Daddy, she is saying something about a frog and then started freaking out when I went to look behind the door, so, you'll just have to go see and if she is just having a bad dream, fine, but I am not about to go catch a frog!"
Mommy watched from our bedroom as daddy went down the hall and across the house to go find out. We can see the children's bathroom from our bedroom. Mommy knew he must have found something because he was in the bathroom with the door closed behind him as if he was catching the frog behind the door. & it was taking longer than a couple seconds. So, mommy just knew.
3 year old baby girl was RIGHT! Daddy had something in his hand and came back up the hall and opened the front door to throw it out. Seeing as how the toddler was still on the toilet, still crying her little heart out, mommy decided to go console and get her cleaned up and back to bed. Mommy noticed daddy at the entertainment center looking around and said,
"What are you doing, daddy?"
He replied, "Oh, nothing. I just thought I heard something moving around. Now that mommy thinks back, it's strange that she didn't think THAT was odd. [& this does come back in to play, later.]
So, everything is calm and now mommy & 3 year old are saying how blessed we were that daddy was not working the graveyard shift as he'd been and he was actually home to get it for us....because we were very scared.

{Sidenote: Mommy does NOT do reptiles of any sort. Or BIG bugs. Anything bigger than an inch. But, most DEFINITELY no frogs, lizards, snakes, skinks...nada...nothing!!, Mommy would take her children to the neighbors and call for help or for a ride and LEAVE said home. End sidenote}

Keep in mind, this all occured around 4am and daddy had just switched his schedules and now works during the day & not the graveyard shift. Daddy got home from work later on that day and about a little while after he was home from work he says to mommy,
"Do you want to know how that frog got into the house?"
He proceeds to tell mommy this: "Remember the other day, you said there was a really cool looking tree frog out back and that I should put it in her Bug Keeper we just got for her (keep in mind, audience, a Bug Keeper is made for keeping bugs/small reptiles from escaping ~ this too will play a part, later on). Well, since I didn't go do it that day, I felt a little guilty and when I went outside to leave for work (at 6:20am) yesterday morning, I saw one out front and figured I would just grab it and then show her when I got home; since I was on my way to work, I didn't have time to find the Bug Keeper so I just grabbed one of those 'ToGo' coffee cups (you know, the paper ones with the plastic lids, made to look like drive-thru coffee cups) out of the kitchen and put it in that and set it on top of the TV and left for work. I had NO idea that thing would ever fit through that tiny little hole in the lid. (the hole was very tiny).
At this point, mommy is nearly in tears.
She said, "You seriously put a nasty-ass, stupid M'F'ing FROG in a disposable coffee cup and left the thing on our Living Room TV for us to be alone with, all day. Without any knowledge of it being there??
OK, now mommy is in tears.
"I should have never told ya....Well, this is me telling you the truth, NOW, and that I'll never, ever bring something like that into the house again. I'm sorry, babe."
Now, mommy is making connections....
"So, that is why you were over at the TV saying the you heard something...ahhhh, you were checking for the cup, huh!"

I think Mr. B. learned a thing or two about a thing or two about Me not liking frogs. What do you think? I just could not believe he did that, at the time. Now, that it's been a few days, I'm sort of laughing about it. A lot of things could have been a lot worse had some of the factors of the story been changed.
What if he had been working.
What if M didn't see it in the Bathroom...never got up to go to the bathroom.
What if it showed itself during that day while he was at work and just me & the babies were playing in the living room.
HOW did we NOT see it?? Normally, if I see cups, I pick them up right away...I never even saw the cup. What if I had seen the cup and went to go throw it away and AAAAHHHHH found the frog?!!?!?


 I hate frogs!!!

Love & story-time,


Anonymous said...

ROFLMFAO! Oh man I hate frogs too! One got loose in the house too when I opened the back door and I started fuuuuuhhhhhhreaking out and said "Bill! Bill! BIIIIILLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!" Get this effin frog out of the house before Teagan SWALLOWS it!


Camille said...

LOL omg I can't help it, I am over here laughing at you!! That sounds like it sucked though. At least it wasn't a snake!

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