Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's OK & Thankful Thursday...

It's Thursday!! Our schedule is changing today! Mr. B. is now working 7am-3pm and we will now join the rest of the world in having a "normal" routine and daily schedule in our home, as well. We are so stoked about this. I'm going to link up with "It's OK" Thursdays & a whole buncha "thankful Thursdays" on!
It's OK:
...that i don't care to ever hang out anywhere or with anyone except Mr.B....he's my most favorite human being - BY FAR!
...that my kids sometimes stay in their jammies all day long...and skip days at a time without a bath.
...that I leave my kitchen dishes (some nights) until the next day (& notice I didn't say "morning").
...that I'm totally comfortable talking with and telling my mama all there is to know about my sex life. & that it doesn't bother me to hear about hers with my father, HAHA! Call me crazy, but I think it's ok! (Not saying we do this often - & she probably doesn't share the same feelings!) be having baby fever - I have an IUD! take a break from school...I've dealt with A LOT lately and it's better to break than to fail.
...that I don't have much else to add to this so I'm moving on...


Today, I am very, humbly thankful for:
  1. Iced Milk Tea. I can't say this enough. Basically, in a nut shell, it's southern sweet tea + french vanilla (or Ameretto) creamer, just a splash. Over ice. Ah! It's SO, SO, SO good! Try it!
  2. My man. I won't ever be thankful enough. He jumps at the opportunity to do anything he even thinks I may want/need him to do. He loves me for me and tells me how much he loves the way I look. What woman wouldn't love that?
  3. My home...I really love where I live. I love my furniture, the kids' toys everywhere, the laundry that needs to be folded/put away, the occassional water bug (gag), and the simplicity. I love that my 3 year old says she loves her home.
  4. my kids...even when they fight ;)
  5. my parents...and my sister and her family. My grandparents too...THIS is my family. They are the reason I am here today and that I love who I am.
  6. That my grampy drove himself to the pharmacy yesterday...oh man, we were at a place in our loves where we thought he wasn't going to ever come home just a couple months hear of this almost made me cry. 
  7. Air conditioning! Both in my home and my car!! Nuff said.
  8. My ability to make very good money from leaving my kids with people I do not know, no using gas in the car that is outrageously priced, and no having to work for someone else!
  9. My man's job...he is finally doing what he's always wanted to do and we finally (after a long 3 year span) have stability back in our lives! Praise God!!!
  10. my friends who understand that I am a mom of two toddlers...sometimes I can't keep plans or show up when promised. That's how it is when you have two toddlers and a man who works 3rd shift (not anymore!!)...thankful they understand and don't hold any of that against me! (Cherie, Kimmy-Poo, Rachelle, Melissa, Jamie, etc...) I am glad those who didn't care enough to understand are GONE from our lives!
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Love & Link-ups,


Anonymous said...

That is soooooooooo great that B has a better work schedule! Now you guys can go to bed and get up with eachother! Yay!!

Teagan stays in her jammies all day too sometimes... Abby on the other hand dresses herself errrryday so I have no say. Unless I MAKE her. BAHA

Dude, I just did last nights dishes TODAY! BAHAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA

I try and talk about my sex life with my mom but she tells me to shut it! HEHEHE

xoxo LOVE YA!

Cami said...

Iced milk tea?? Is that something you came up with??

Having men in our lives like that are truly the best, aren't they??

Love your thankful list!! SO MUCH to be thankful for!
You have such a beautiful heart.

Thank you for linking up to Thankful Thursday with me at First Day of My Life! :) ox

Lisa @ akawest said...

I am a new follower. I found your blog through the FL Bloggers. Come visit my blog. :)

Lisa @ akawest in St Augustine

Jillian Nicole said...

You posted a great list and I agree especially with the friends understanding you are a mom! It is really great when your friends do not make you del guilty for not seeing them as often as you once did.
Also I would love to be able to work at home!!! However I do enjoy my job so it is not so bad.
I am following you now and hope you can follow back.

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