Thursday, September 6, 2012

Um. Wow. I am obviously still a noob. I totally thought I was being blog savvy by typing out a couple of posts ahead of time and using that nifty "schedule" feature....if only I'd have known how to use the darn thing.

Yeah. I guess I wasn't aware that you need to not only schedule the post...but, also hit "Publish"; not just "Save" & "Close". wonder I was still getting email/comments on my post from last Monday (8/27/12)....I thought I'd been an awful blogger for not blogging for 4 days....and according to my actual blog, it's been waaay too long TEN days!

How boring I must seem. So sorry, you guys...I really was blogging...but, it's not been published yet. 

Wow. Loser.

Anyhow, I got it now. & now I have my work blogging for the next few days already done, haha. 
~Always find a positive in the negative =]

Love & Learning,

1 comment:

Kate said...

Ahh, no worries, it happens! :) But now you know for next time how to schedule posts, right?

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