Monday, August 27, 2012


Hello & good evening. HA! That sounded kinda corny, eh? Anyways...I don't have much to say, but I didn't want to leave another day without posting something...So, I'll let you guys in on a couple of things:

1. I cleaned up le' sidebar and by that I mean, I took down buttons from people who have taken mine down without telling me so. The reason I like people's buttons over there on my left sidebar is because these are blogs that I like and want easy access to, so I can read y'all a lot easier. I don't really go through my google reader. So - if you want to swap with me - just leave a comment or email; either way, it all goes to my email. :)

2. I now have 114 followers on GFC (Google Friend Connect), also over there on my left sidebar. As well as 81 "likes" on my blog's Facebook's page. Wow, neat-oh! So...I think with that being said, I should do some sort of give away - right? Any ideas? Any one want to give me an idea or pitch in?

3. I guess you can technically say I changed my blog name...What do you think? I thought maybe I was messing up the riles by having the word "blog" in my title...and it's kinda bugged me all along. So, I felt it was time for a change. So...there ya have it.

Comments & thoughts are greatly appreciated!

And can you please stop being this cute? It's hard to get mad at'cha!

Love & Changes,


Natasha SerenityYou said...

hi, i'd love to swap buttons with you, and I can also donate to the giveaway by offering 1 months medium ad space to the winner, let me know what you think

Natasha @

Anonymous said...

Wooooooooooot!!!!!! Add me to your giveaway for a 200x200 1 month ad space

More Than Mommies said...

Ohhh - she is a cutie!

It's been bugging me since I read the first line from your post today - where on earth have I heard Hello and Good Evening before??? It's a cartoon or kid movie or something. Do you know?

New follower from Mom's Monday Mingle! Would love for you to stop by and follow back! Also, while you are there, check out our Sunday Sip Feature! Let us know if you are interested in being the featured blog and we can add you to our list! :)

Have a great Monday!

Devon Riesenberg said...

Visiting from the Monday Mingle Blog Hop...and now you have 115 followers on GFC ;)

Hi I am Natalie said...

I have just found you through the Mum's Monday mingle blog hop, I look forward to reading along with you :)

Natalie x

Victoria said...

New follower from the Mom's Monday Mingle Blog Hop. Your little girl is adorable in the dump truck!

bonbon said...

I used to have the word blog in my title too and then decided that it totally didn't go and I needed something cleaner. I've felt much better since I kicked it to the curb! Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better. I'm so excited to follow along!

new follower :)

Myranda said...

She is a cutie! Those legs crossed, I love it :)
I am now following from the Monday Mom's Mingle

Pretty Living PDX

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Hiya, I just stopped by after visiting the Naptime Review Blog Hop! You now have 121 followers, and that picture is so damn cute!

Hope you can stop by my place too!

Erin said...

your little one is SO cute :)

Camille said...

I like the new name. :) And you're in trouble, she is pretty and knows it lol!

Kelly HTandT said...

I love your blog! That pink chandelier is GORGEOUS! Well done x

Cami said...

Hi dear :)
Thank you for linking up with me on Thankful Thursday <3 -Not sure which post you meant to link up??
But congratulations on all the followers..yay!

Megan said...

your blog looks so good and i like the new name! congrats on all the new followers :)

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