Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday's Letters...

Well, it's been a hot minute since I've linked up, so I suppose I should jump in with Friday's Letters with Ashley. ...Shall we?

Dear Sunshine, Thank you for making your appearance every once in a while so my little princesses can actually go outside and sweat and feel your warmth on their skin. And so I can get really cute pictures like this: 

{Seriously, can you be any cuter, babygirl?}

Dear Mackie Mae, I love you to the moon & back but please, please, please, Go The F*#k To Sleep. I know it's fun to rack up mommy & daddy's light bill by turning on every light from your room to the other end of the house and to keep waking your baby sister up to partake in the mid-night's events you make up, but seriously, sweet babe, Go The F*#k To Sleep. I know you think you'll miss something, but I promise, you won't. It's more fun when we aren't fighting about going to sleep and we're actually waking up and enjoying each others morning breath and a please...hurry up...and Go The F*#k To Sleep.
Dear Brookie Sue, Well, hello there little one. I love these new words you all the sudden speak to us. For almost a year and a half you've barely said a word & in just a few days flat, you've acquired a new 5 words, at least. Bravo, little bean. Mama loves you.
Dear Grooming Clients, Hey, I love to meet all of your pets, but I I know that the 90% of you that have dogs who are completely matted up and covered in fleas that 100% of you didn't know they were. This isn't my first time grooming a dog. :)
Dear Iced Coffee from SmackRonalds (Mickey D's), I really would love to thank you for being my sweet cold treat for working so hard...thank you for being my motivation AND my pick me up.
Dear Mr.B., thank you hunnie...for proving to me what a real friend is. What it's like to have someone who genuinely cares about me and my needs & wants. And Thank You for being that type of guy that all women dream of, especially if they really knew everything I know *wink*. Kidding. OK, maybe only about half of that. Seriously though, Thank you for being the kind of man that makes me feel like I'm living in a dream...Is it really possible to fall head over heals in love every single day, even more than the day that just passed?
Dear Frenemies, haha, thank you for finally getting me to the point where none of you matter anymore. Maybe I just needed to see an ounce more of your "Do Not Care" attitude...& now I have. Buh-Bye & Thanks for that!
Dear Blog Friends, Thank you for all of the sweet comments and emails. Wow, you ladies know how to make a gal feel special. :)
Dear Clothes of Mine, I love that you are all getting too big, but seriously, can you at least hold off a little until the season changes? I have smaller jeans than I do Capri's.....ah hell, who am I kidding...BYE BYE BIGGER CLOTHING!
Dear Mommy, Thanks again for making me smile. A genuine smile. Even though your "tough love" attitude may have upset me from time to time, I love it and it taught me well. Thank you for that. & thank you for our chats. Love our chats. <3


Have one helluva great weekend Y'all. I'll be having my busiest weekend yet, working from home, grooming pets and juggling my toddlers! Stay tuned....

Love & Thanks,


Traci said...

LMAO to "Dear Mackie Mae".....oh god, I've been there.

Evelyn MyTurnForUs said...

Lol:) Love your Fridays Letter! Oh by the way, I nominated you for a fun award. When you get a chance hop on over for a look see!

Evelyn MyTurnForUs said...

LMAO!!! I gave you the wrong link:(
Sorry but these old brains just miss a beat every so often. Here's the right one

Anonymous said...

BAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA.. Poor Mackie Mae just wants to plaaaaaaaay :)

Do what Farrah from Teen Mom does, baby gate their bedroom! NOOOOOOO jk don't do that! lol

Camille said...

LOL @ Dear Mackie Mae. I love that book, sooo funny. That was my night last night too!!

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