Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday's best...with a recipe!

     I wanted to share with y'all, one of my most favorite meals that my mama would cook as I was growing up. For our birthdays growing up, my mama would have the birthday child pick what they wanted her to cook for supper that night...this was my choice, every year. Yes. That meal. It's also a meal that only has 5 ingredients, so that makes it quite simple, cheap, and easy! I've shared it with other family friends and they still keep it in their meal routines, as well. If you love a yummy aroma to fill your home when you cook - this is THAT meal! My mother always called it "Oriental Chicken" and now that I'm older and have the great ol' internet, I've found out that it's actually called "Chicken Adobo" and it is a Filipino Dish. Whatever you wish to call it, it's GOOD!

Ingredients/Items you need:
1. Family pack of chicken thighs (We prefer to take the skin off before cooking)
2. ¼ cup of soy sauce
3. ¼ cup of white vinegar 
4. 1 whole onion
5. Rice (2c. uncooked rice)

{Side Note: Make however much your family might use in a rice based meal - We typically make 2 cups (pre-cooked amount) of brown rice because we try not to use white rice, but my mother always used white and if I could have it my way, I'd use white, as well. Also, with the Soy sauce & Vinegar - if you'd like more "gravy/sauce" increase the amounts to ½ a cup each or a full cup of each, my mother uses ¼ of each and we use a full cup of each...I have found it just makes more or less of the "gravy".}

In a large pot, add your soy sauce & vinegar. Slice up your onion and add it to the pot as well. 
Take your family pack of chicken thighs (or I suppose legs, quarters or even breasts could work, but we have always used thighs; best outcome) and take the skin off of them and add them to the pot, as well. 
Mix everything up so that the onions aren't all underneath the chicken or else they will brown and you don't want that. 
Make sure the wet ingredients get all over the chicken and onions. 
Cook on Med-Low for about an hour, maybe a little longer (the longer/slower you cook it, I've found the better it is - whatever you do, never try to cook higher and shorter, it will not taste good at all).
About 20 minutes before the chicken is done, make your rice.
Your chicken should look dark and should be near falling off the bone, if it isn't already. (I'm getting hungry just typing this out.)

Mama's Oriental Chicken
To Plate:
Put however much rice you'd like on the center of your plate.
Top with 1-2 pieces of chicken and add some of the "gravy" or juice to the top and use that as your gravy with the rice. 

I promise you - Soy Sauce and Vinegar does NOT sound appetizing to most and let me assure you - you won't taste them, individually. They cook down and infuse together to create a taste unlike anything else. It's so delicious and the best part, besides being so easy/cheap, is that my children (both toddlers) LOVE this meal. 

Go ahead, try something new and give this a whirl. You'll be glad.

Love & Comfort Food,


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This recipe look yummy. I love it when there aren't 10-15 ingredients. Five is just my style. Thanks for sharing!

Have a great night!! Julie

Cassie Pittman said...

Found you on the Moms Monday Mingle and soo glad I did! I have to try this! I love cooking with chicken thighs because they stay so juicy and tender! Sounds delicious!

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Anonymous said...

Great. Now I am hungry!!

The Michelle Show said...

My husband lovessss soy sauce so I'll definitely have to try this out, it seems like a quick and easy meal!

Jessica said...

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