Thursday, August 9, 2012

Really, you guys?! guys...seriously? I got more comments than this blog ever has in it's entirety on the sole fact that I HATE BACON, but I will eat the bacon fat!!! haha, you guys are so crazy funny. Totally been making me laugh off each comment! I never knew that was so bad, well, I knew eating anything refered to as "FAT" wasn't GOOD for me, so to say...but, I surely didn't think everyone would flock to that one ounce of information that most people don't know about me and bring it to the table as you all did. THAT was hilarious. Thanks you guys. 

And another WOW, I'm up over 80 followers on GFC. That's pretty amaze to me. Thank you all for coming to see what all the fuss is about - don't worry, I'll refrain from ever telling you fat secrets anymore. haha.

So, I've decided to talk about something other than MYSELF for a change. Tomorrow I have a 2 part mini series beginning. I got this idea from one of my favorite sponsors and bloggy friends (her blog, self & kids are sooo lovely!), Lena. She blogs at Mom2MemphisAndRuby. So, as I was meandering around her blog one night, I came across her two posts about her children that she wrote as if she were her kids (Here's Memphis & here's Ruby). Pretty snazzy, I'd say. I'd love to take part in that and do that for my kids as well, so....I'm gonna copy it. Rad idea, Lena..thanks for the writer's block cure for the next two posts! :)

On another note...I found AnaWhite just today, and I am totally in love. I think I just uncovered a secret hobby love of mine I never knew I had waaaaay back in that part of my brain that also houses my love for homework and washing baseboards? lol anyways, I behind the times in just finding this cool website? All the sudden I want to get my own wood shop and woodworking tools and go to the lumber yard and use that wacky lumber yard cart thingy and buy tons of 2x4's and 4x4's and just build stuff. Yeah.
Well, I was looking around, just getting my fill on ideas when I came across:
Holy moly...really?!?!
Cost to make: $65
And, let me just clear the air - I don't have wild monkey kids that have the guts to fly jump off the top of anything. I know there are warnings and such stating that kids should ever be in a bunk bed under the age of 6 but there's also about half a million kids that are killed every year from just taking a nice evening drive in their brand new state of the art car their mommy & daddy just got. When will we stop driving cars? Well, anyhow, I would have our anchored to the wall and also lay down some conduct rules; plus my kids aren't in their room much throughout the day anyhow. Besides all that, we live in a smaller house and with subtracting their once toy room so that mama can work from home and groom dogs, we need all the floor space we can get. I don't think we are ready to transition our youngest into that bottom "bunk" or any type of toddler bed, this is just something I really want to make. And think of allllll the possibilities you can do with that. I see pretty paint colors and veils and girly stuff all over it. Don't you?

I can't make something. Anything. 

Love & funnies,


Camille said...

Those bunk beds are so cute. I definitely want to get some cute, girly bunk beds for my girls in a few years!!

I eat bacon fat too, it all tastes the same to me lol!

Camille said...

Oh btw, I passed a blog award onto you. :)

Anonymous said...

My kids all slept in and survive bunk beds...they looked just like the picture...made college dorm life an easy transition!
I came here from Camilles blog...and am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Alyssa said...

Aww yay! I never had a bunk bed because I never had a sister but I always was jealous of my brothers because of it! So much fun!

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