Tuesday, August 7, 2012

If you really knew me...

Like other bloggers around, I keep seeing the "If you really knew me, you would know..." & just because I really wanted to do it & I think it would be great for y'all since I am still rather knew around the blogging world, here it is!

...that I'm so very LOUD! I've always been known as "that loud girl" and my family still always gets onto me at family gatherings to tell me to shut it up and it still pisses me off.

...I hate bacon. OK, that's a lie - I'll eat the white fatty part that isn't crunchy, but I will NEVER eat the crunchy bacon-y bacon that is either a topping, a meat on a sandwich, an entree at breakfast, etc. For some reason I always get a crazy angry reaction from people when they find this out.

...I have a shared obsession with Mr.B with our bed. OMG. We love our bed and would stay in it forever if we could figure out how to pay our bills without leaving it. Minds out of the gutter, please! :) My bed is my sanctuary...when I'm away from home, I daydream about my bed. It's a canopy bed and has blue & teal drapery all the way around it and blue string lights, too. Really creates a cozy ambiance that can not be found anywhere else.
{Since the picture below was taken, we've gotten a better, BIGGER mattress and it is even better now}

...that I do not like real potatoes: baked potatoes or even mashed potatoes (unless Mr.B makes them mashed, because he knows how to make them taste like instant potats, just for me).

...I cuss so bad that I don't even realize I just said "fuck" 3 times in the last statement I made about changing my kids diaper in front of 4 other women who probably don't cuss. No, kidding, not that bad, but it is pretty bad.

...I hate waking up before 11am. My kids have even been such a blessing as to sleep in, too. It's really cool, but I catch a lot of flack for it. & if you really, really knew me..you'd know I don't care what anyone really thinks.

...that I'd do anything to help you in a time of need. Seriously. I would. I'd open up my home, give you food, clothing, watch your kids, give you a ride, make dinner for you, clean your house, listen to hours of crying on the phone, anything. Doesn't matter, I do it if you are my friend.

...I'm really strange about someone else preparing my food. I will literally rearrange a sandwich that someone else makes me...whether it's Mr.B making me a ham sammy or the nice lil ol' lady working in the deli making me a Boar's Head Publix Sub: I'll give specific instructions on how to assemble it (i.e. like please spread the mayo from edge to edge and the banana peppers shouldn't overlap, they go in a straight line without touching) & then I'll surely rearrange it myself once I am about to eat it.

...I'm one funny lady. I've had a secret ambition to be a comedian (shut up, Kim) and I love, love, LOVE to make my friends & family laugh.

...that I'm obsessed with anything hot pink/black for myself and when it comes to my baby girls, it's ladybugs for Mackie Mae & Cuppycakies for my Brookie Sue. One day I want to get a tattoo with a cupcake & a ladybug somehow incorporated together. Fun stuff.

There ya go...& because it's Tuesday & Lena does the whole "Tuesday 10" linky party, I'll just link up to that. Thanks, Lena!! She is so totally cool, go check her out!!

Love & know it alls,



Destiny said...

bitch do you seriously eat the fat part of the bacon...omg...lol

yeah I cuss too fucking much too and I don't realize it but I don't give a shit...let the bitches stare in disgust haha

Cait said...

great post! i do anything for anyone too! stopping by from the link up! so glad i did because your blog is super cute! cant wait to read more :)

Danielle said...

Thanks for linking on the hop today girly!!!

Jill J @ Classy with a Kick said...

I don't understand the bacon part...that is the part I throw away! However, it is really amazing to find someone who also hates potatoes! I can only eat potato chips and skinny fries, though. Can't do the fake-os like you! :)

Excited to find your blog...I am your newest follower!

xo, jill from www.classywithakick.com

Rachel said...

Okay, you're exactly opposite from me when it comes to bacon. I eat only the crunchy part and throw away the fat. :P But your bed is seriously awesome. I've always wanted a canopy bed!

Melissa Enault said...

Thanks for linking up at the GFC Blog Hop today! Hope you found some amazing new blogs and even some new friends!!

Melissa @ The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife

Anonymous said...

I eat the bacon fat too ;)

Kristen @ KV's Confessions said...

Hey girl heyyy! Love this post! You might be the only one I know (besides vegans/vegetarians) that dislike bacon! ahhhh! I also value time spent in my cozy bed and cuss like a cray person. Though I'm prob not as funny as you :) P.S. I like your tattoo idea!! Sounds so cute!

Brittany T. said...

lol im not angry about the bacon. i do eat it but only the crunchy part, but i have to say that i like turkey bacon much better! i love potatoes! and im the loudest person in my house lol...my dad's side of the fam is loud! this whole post made me laugh

Evelyn MyTurnForUs said...

I love knowing things about people, thanks for the share. (not sure about that bacon thingy, lol.
I am dropping in to let your know I have nominated you for the Liebster Award:) Please come on over for all the information:)
Have an amazing day!

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