Monday, August 6, 2012

Random nothings... I worked my boo-TAY off & I'm falling asleep at the keyboard, but I feel the NEEEEEED to blog a little something. So, here we are!

Today I...
Groomed 3 dogs. Picked up and dropped off the first two & they were really good Toy Poodles. Toy poodles are my absolute FAV dogs to groom.

Here's Tocha. Although he's very sweet, he refuses to stand. Ugh!
{I would have loved to have shared the other toy poodle but she is such a dark black that she just resembles a silhouette...I think it's more of my sucky lighting to blame & no flash on my really nice non-iPhone phone. ;) }

& the last one was a puppy, Maltipoo. He was sooo rambunctious, it was like trying to groom a fish out of water while riding down a white water rapids boat thingy ma-bobber. Yeah. Scratches all up & down my arms to prove it. But, he sure was a cutie! Only about 4lbs of total cuteness!

See? You can barely make out his face because it's so dark :(
Anyhow, in between those 2 family's worth of doggies...I got to hang out here at my house with my mama! YESSSS!!! She got to sneak out for a bit to come over and play with my kids and just chill out to some yummy vanilla iced-coffee compliments of Smack-Ronalds (ok, McDonalds, but that's what Mr. B calls it, heehee). My mother is so fun & really good with her grandkids...ok, and she's really good with me, too. She's my favorite lady to gab with...& we gab very well, together. She brought me a whole bunch of goodies (hand-me-downs), like 2 almost new pillows and some old tupperware that I remember her using a lot when I was a kid. *Crazy random fact: I am a HOARDER when it comes to anything my mother or sister hands down to me that I remember being in our childhood home. I've lost a lot of my belongings a couple of times in my deep past thanks to my X & so those dumb random things that have made it all these years with me, WILL NEVER be allowed to leave my home.*

Don't you ladies just love it when your mother or someone else from your life gives you something you may have remembered from your youth? Today was a couple pieces of old "REAL" Tupperware & one of them she always kept the Christmas Cookies she made with us every year in. Seeing that totally sent me into one of those flash forward visuals that seem to last a year but are just random visions in your mind that play out, in like, 3 seconds flat. Yeah...well, soon as I saw that one piece of Tupperware that she used every year to put Christmas cookies in, I was totally envisioning myself making Christmas Cookies with my bitty Princesses & making it a huge deal WHY we are keeping them in THAT Tupperware. I'm such a dork. But, a happy dork...I love stuff like that. Call me what you will, but I'm the one with the Tupperware that I'll own til I'm 90 because it brings back happy kid memories. Ugh, if this passage ends up on my episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive, I'll beat you all with a wet noodle. ;)


I'll leave you with this funny excerpt from the my day with my girls:
Sissy: (tossing her pieces of dinner off her highchair tray onto the floor)
Me: *gasp* "Sissyyyy!!"
McKenna: "What is it, Mommy??!"
Me: Oh, Sissy is just throwing her food onto the floor, again...." 
McKenna: "Oh, Dear! This. Is. SeWEEous."
...It's safe to say, My girl loves her some Wonderpets...

One more thing, before I close....
Bill O'Reilly & Donald Trump doing the wave @ a Yankees game...Really Bill?

Love & nothin' else,

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Anonymous said...

Dude, I would have did back flips if my mom gave me REAL Tupperware! Do you know how expensive that shit is??? Crazy!

And that video of Donald and Bill.... Bill's "one finger salute" is TOTALLY me! BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHA!

ANd Abby looooooooooooved Wonderpets. Now I have the song stuck in my head!

Hey, what's gonna work?? TEAAAAAAAAM WORK!!!

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