Friday, August 3, 2012

Little bit of this, Little bit of that... really bothers me that every single time I start typing a blog post, I can't figure out a different starting off word other than "SO". THAT bothers me.
Anyways..lets move onto My Thursday link-up:
"It's OK"
Its Ok Thursdays

So... (lmao)

It's OK that my 3 year old tried to french kiss me at bedtime earlier this evening...after all, I'd rather her try that on me because she sees mommy & daddy so in love, rather than her choke her baby sister out because she saw daddy do that to mommy - thank GOD my kids never have to witness anything like that!!! Yeah, I'll take an attempted french kiss any day, haha! (but, yes, I set the record straight for her, haha..awkwarrrrd)

It's OK that I seem to ramble on and on about absolutely nothing on my blog because it seems to be the only thing remotely similar to adult conversation.

It's OK that sometimes when I'm singing lullabyes to my girls, I try to pretend that I'm singing in front of "a live audience" and really give it my all. (Shut up, I really do)

It's OK that I haven't washed my hair in 2 (or 3?) days...At least I've taken what we like to refer to as a "bottom half shower". 

It's OK that I just ate 2 Chobani Greek Yogurts..I couldn't choose between Mango & Honey so I had them both. Yup. Sure did.

It's OK to be upset about having to buy a new plastic Starbucks is my favorite cup. HATE that it cracked.

It's OK that we are a 1 car family and our 1 car is only a's paid for and it's got cold AC & heated seats in the winter. & it's a 3.8L V6! 


& next, let's talk about some thankfulness, yes!
Thankful Thursday!!!

Today, I am [so] thankful for...

Our Dog Grooming business & that at any given moment, we can get a phone call and within an hour make up to $50! So blessed to have this. Forever thankful. When we moved across the country in January, we never planned on having every back up plan falling through and being compltely 100% without income for 7 months was so incredibly hard. To go from that, to now Mr. B having a wonderful job doing his passion and aside from that we have our Dog Grooming, all those people who pretty much didn't like us because we were always broke or feeling sorry for ourselves becasue we couldn't do fun things...and now look at us. Totally doing it big. Making money like it's nothing! Financial stability is what I'm thankful for...Thank GOD we have it now!

I'm also thankful for my children. How can I not be thankful for them each & everyday? Today we just played & played & was so fun. They are so fun. Dancing to the radio very loud. Romping on mommy & daddy's big king size bed with mommy & daddy. Playing hide & go seek. Making lunch & eating lunch together. Playing dress up & laughing. Playing "chase me" and "I get'chu". Our girls finally getting to the age where they really interact with each other. This was just some of our fun from today.

Thankful for finally loving my self & my body. Yes, I've lost weight and acquired cute clothing and that makes me look better...but recently, for the first time in a long time...I am feel pretty & sexy. & Mr.B. is really damn good at making me feel pretty & sexy. All we did the last 2 days was hang out around the house with our babes and yet, he couldn't keep his hands off me, kept stopping me & asking for a kiss, telling me how beautiful I looked in whatever I was wearing {or wasn't wearing}...or that he is soooo in love with my body & me. ok, yeah...that stuff helps. Sure. But, really...I am thankful for my new found attraction for my own physical self.

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Love & Thanks,


Anonymous said...

Dude I seriously cracked up when you said So. BAHAHA! Loving your post girl! You make me laugh I swear! And Teagans form of kissing is sticking her tongue out and kissing me that way.. kinda open mouth and slimy tongue all in my face HAHAHA!!

Laura Railing said...

Kristen! Thank you so much for linking up! I love your post! That is hilarious about her trying to french kiss you! ha!! lol. But better you than her sister or a friend right? ;-) What sweet moments to watch your girls share. I can't wait for that with our son and little one on the way. As much as I was hoping for a girl, i am thankful our son will have a brother to share life's moments with. Woohoo for having a car paid for!! our cars are older but they work well and I LOVE not having a car payment! Happy weekend!

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