Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grooming is vrooming...

It's been about 2 weeks now since we started taking clients for our home based dog grooming business. I will admit, in the first week, I was really second guessing myself..I wasn't getting any encouragement or congrats from most people I know and I wasn't getting very many appointments, either. My close friends kept telling me to relax, it's only just starting and it takes time. I should have listened to them and just saved myself some grief. 

I'd like to announce that we did, in fact, make a very smart business choice and our business is fast approaching what it was when we had our business in Missouri, 3 years ago.

We are easily answering close to ten-15 phone calls a day and easily grooming 1-3 dogs a day. Being that I groom from my home and I do not have any outside help with my 2 toddlers, I will not groom more than 3 dogs per day. Sometimes even 3 seems too much for my children. I've even thought about *gasp* part time childcare for them while I groom, because I get to feeling guilty that I can't allow them to stay hemmed up my butt whilst grooming and that I'm not hanging all over them for 4 hours out of the day. I always have something to feel guilty about, why not feel guilty for working in the home, as well, right?

Anyways...Check out some of our first few clients:
Zowey [PeekaPoo] - Before
Zowey - AFTER
Poodle "Clean Feet" Before & After
Lexi - Japanese Chin - Before
Lexi - AFTER

This next pup was one heckuva job...but, we were happy do help her!! She (the dog) was completely matted, a good 6" long coat and it was ALL matted. It is so very painful for a dog to have any matting, let alone their entire body. Even worse, if matting is all the way down to the dog's skin, it's even more painful. It hurts them to move, run, walk, twist, get up, lie down, anything. The coat pulls just as if someone was pulling your hair as hard as they could, but imagine it being pulled 24/7 & even harder depending on how you moved. Very important to keep your dogs brushed and making sure you're using a slicker brush and making sure the bristles are making contact with the scalp of the dog as you are brushing them out - if not, this is the result:
Dolly [GoldenDoodle Hybrid] - BEFORE

You can sort of see the entire plate (or one giant mat) that I was chiseling off her with my clippers.
Dolly - AFTER

& here's an adorable picture to leave you with....our youngest bitty Princess rocking her Baby Legs™ & looking so darling, don't you think? My oldest would not wear them, but our youngest loves them & that makes me happy. 

Stay Tuned tomorrow for my official "Potty Training is COMPLETE: Child 1 of 2", so that I can fully explain how we accomplished it, what we did, how long it took, & more!

Popsicles & Puddin' Pops,


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