Saturday, July 21, 2012

Friday Letters (1) & Randoms...

This is my first time doing Friday Letters, but I see this all over the place and like the other link-ups I've been doing, I wanted to join in on this fun one, as well!


Dear Time, It seems as if your ability to fly is getting better and you are going much faster than usual...I'd love it if we could go back to snails speed, kinda like when I was pregnant the first time; seemed you never moved that entire time. I hated that back then, but would like to request that now, please? 
Dear Mr. B., I really love where we are at in our relationship've been really good for my self esteem & I love the way you've been telling me how beautiful & perfect I look, to'll never know exactly what this does to me. I'm also so thankful at how awesome you are doing at balancing working 3rd shift, helping with the Dog Grooming, being the best father ever, and the wonderful husband you are. Bravo, baby. 
Dear McKenna, you're almost 3, babygirl! 6 more days. You have no idea how happy, truly happy you have made mommy & daddy. This day 3 years ago, I was 5 days overdue. Today I am so amazed at how you've grown & defied all the odds that were against you at birth. Going from needing about 4 operations and having 2 compromised kidneys & 2 holes in your heart to not needing any surgeries, having just 1 kidney which is working just fine (even for having two collection systems), and only 1 teensie hole in your heart that poses no problems at all to your health is outstanding & nothing short of a miraculous blessing from God. We know this is just you laying the foundation of your life - you will overcome anything, fight so hard & be the smartest, prettiest, wonderful McKenna that God told us you'd be, no matter what the Dr's said. 
Dearest Brooklyn, poor hunnie pot. That giant mean tooth is trying to bring you down; giving you a fever, pain, and a runny nose. Don't worry, buttercup, I promise it is your last tooth & then you're done. But thank you for all the cuddling mommy & daddy get from you during all of this...although we are comforting you, it comforts us too. 
Dear Mommy, hey...I love you. I know you have endured so much this year, but you'll never know what it means to me to hear you rejoice in the things you are grateful for no matter what else is going wrong. I need that positiveness, for it helps me so much! Also, thank you for never giving in to me when I really want you to, you've taught me to be a better mother & wife; teaching me to stick things out and to not give up..tough love really does help. 
Dear Comcast, go to hell. these fees you have for every little thing make me sick, boo. 
Dear New Blogger Friends, Thanks for helping me and helping me to not be so afraid of this new venture in blogging. Dear Readers, Post comments! They really make my day, lol. Lame? haha! 
Dear Grooming Clients Who Can't Keep Their Appointments, seriously?? What is it about people calling and getting so excited about my wonderful affordable rates, setting an appointment and confirming the appointment, some even calling to ask for better directions & saying they're on their way over, to just no call no show...why bother? I don't get it...but it totally messes up my entire day/schedule. I could have went to the store instead of waiting around for you. I could have slept in 3 more hours. GRRRR. The $$ isn't as big a deal, because I get more appointments every time, but geez, I have an appointment book and slots for a reason!!! How do I handle this???


Hey everyone, I have made all new bloggy graphics...How does it look? My new buttons are soooo fab...and so much more...ME! I love them & would love if anyone would want to swap with me?? Let me know if you haven't already...they are just too cute not to have posted up everywhere. I'm thinking about making a design page and offering my services up to anyone who'd like to use them. Would anyone be interested? Anyone know how I could start that up? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

New 200x100 Button
New 200x200 Button
Also, is my layout/font/header all looking ok to everyone? Is anything aligned crappy for anyone? My monitor is a 24" and so I don't know if when I'm making my stuff, like my header & blog widths if it's aligning right for other sized computer monitors.

Have a marvelous day, everyone!!
(if there are dumb typos, it's because I'm soooper tired, it's 5am & I'm only just now going to go to bed, ugh Insomnia.)

Love & Letters,


Susan Liberatore said...

Hey Kristen!
Thanks so much for stopping by. I am following you back!
Your blog header looks great...the only small typo I found was on the left side bar "spoNsors". The sizing is perfect for the header.
As for the square around your signature...I don't think you can get rid of it. Did you use my live signature to make it?

Camille Griffiths said...

The layout looks great to me! I hope Brooklyn feels better soon!!

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