Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Tuesday!!!

Hey y'all! ...yeah, I'm from Florida, I say y'all all the time :) Even when I type. Dork? Maybe, but that's just me.

I know many of you are hopping on over here from Melissa's really nifty GFC Blog Hop & I'm really glad...so, Hello Y'ALL!!! :)

Just wanted to do a random facts about me post to help people get to know me just a tiddly bitty better.

Random Facts about yours truly.....

Mr. B. & I //July 26, 2012
1. I met my man on the internet and we spent the first 3 months of our relationship spending 8 hours religiously every single night on the webcam & phone...we both would go to work on maybe 30- minutes sleep. AND in that 3 months, we never EVER had an "awkward silence" on the phone. Never. After 3 months, I moved 1200 miles away from everything I knew and it's been a dream come true, still, almost 6 years and 2 babies later!

2. I'm bite my nails really bad and that's the biggest reason I like getting acrylics, so I can't bite them & look like a lady.

3. I talk. A. LOT. Especially when in social settings..because I'm actually really self conscious and nervous.

4. I have only 1 sibling. my sister who is 3.5 yrs my senior. We were never close growing up and now I'd like to think we are pretty close friends...although, I'd love to be a lot closer to her. She is seriously the funniest girl I know. And rocks as a mama.

5. I type super, super fast. And I look at the keyboard. And I don't type "correctly".

6. I crack my knuckles. && I have really bad heel spurs that make me walk like a crippled ol' lady.

7. I've not really drove in almost 5 years. I had my DL revoked for a stupid mix up at the DMV over a ticket they say I didn't pay and I refused to pay it...& now that i have 2 babies I'm scared to drive.

8. I'm going blind and it makes me have anxiety attacks. I can't even read the guide on my TV from 5 ft away.

9. I'm terrified of roller coasters & trains. (Trains, because anything that takes 4 miles to stop ain't right!)

10. I used to drink HORRIBLY, but quit after I had both my kids because I don't want to have a hangover and deal with babies, haha! True! Now, if i even have 1 drink I feel like crap and dislike it.

11. I've always LOVED shrimp & hated onions...now at 30 years old, I love onions and HATE shrimp.

12. I love for my man to feed me. If we have dessert, he will usually feed it to me. Talk about spoiled!

13. Speaking of...my husband spoils me sooo bad to the point that I've had some of my closest friends talk shit to me about it and call me lazy...& my mother has got onto him for it before. Haters.

14. Mr. B. & I will still stay up all night long chit chatting in bed and making out as if it's our first time ever spending the night together. Yup, we still do this ALL the time!

15. I am really, REALLY ashamed of who I was throughout my teen years and my early twenties...it's embarrassing and I wish I could delete that chapter from my life. I really am completely different..in a positive way.

16. I look up to one person and one person only. My mom. She is the ultimate definition of a mother. Talk about loving your child no matter what. I am sooo lucky I have a mom like her. Not only that, she's gorgeous, funny, honest, and way smart. Been teaching elementary school for over 30 years, I believe. She's awesome and right now it pisses me off she isn't getting enough help as she should be. She is caring for her parents, both of them, in her home...And doing a mighty good job, too.

Love and other indoor sports,


Anonymous said...

Why in the hell would anyone get onto you just for B buying you things? That's what husbands are SUPPOSED to do! wtf!!

And a few of these I had NO idea about ya :)

twelve-O-eight said...

Kristen, following you back, thank you so much for coming by!!!!

Hugs, Tanya :)

Kristina said...

Participating in Mom's Monday Mingle for the first time! :) I'm your newest fan. Please follow back


ms.composure said...

aw i love these kind of post! i love getting to know the blogger!!

and no worries i say Yall ALL THE TIME!! LoL


Camille Griffiths said...

That's a lot how our love story went... :)

Don't worry, you're not the only one who had some crazy teen years. Gosh, I only straightened up right when I found out I was pregnant! I am still thankful I didn't mess up my daughter's health in the beginning when I didn't know she was in there.

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