Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our Ode to Potty Training

So..WE DID IT! Our first born bitty Princess has been officially potty trained and completely out of diapers for a month with no accidents. I think know it's safe to say she is 100% potty trained!

It all started in early 2012...we started letting her get familiar with her potty chair. We set it up in her bathroom, had her sit on it before baths, while mommy went on the big potty, we even set it up in front of the TV during TV times and in her toy area during play times. Soon enough, almost immediately, she was able to stay in the home without a diaper and go #1 with no problem at all - within the 1st month, we would even find her emptying her own potty into the toilet - not even telling us she had to go! The only reward system we used were these little tiny Dora stickers that she was able to choose 1 sticker off the sheet at a time after each successful go & she got to pick where she stuck t on a plain white piece of computer paper that we hung on the fridge. =) Worked MARVELOUSLY!

I was always very reluctant on how to make the transition to leave the home with no diaper on...I just could not see how that would work with toting a 1 year old around, as well. What if she has to go while we are en route to where we are headed? What if she needs to go when we are somewhere I don't think the bathrooms are suitable for my little princess? What if she has an accident? All of these questions held me back in going the next step. 

Also, it had been a couple months and she still would not go #2 in the potty. She would go in her undies and would even have the smarts to bring me a diaper and say "Mommy, I need a dipah"...sure!!! Let me put that on you so I can change you...which, in all honesty, I, at times, did give in and do that for fear that she'd hold it (she would cry on the potty if she had to go #2 and would just not go) & become constipated. That was something I was always a bit afraid of. I think getting her to the point of going #2 in the potty was our most difficult hurdle, as I've heard the same from a lot of other potty training mama's. It would turn out to be so frustrating and such a fight with her that we thought she was intentionally doing it in her undies...but as my mother stated, giver her time, she's only 2!

Low & behold, the great reward that is M&M's!! We had one of those little tubes that M&M's came out with, made for great excitement when shook as we cheered her on, "You get 2 whole M&M's if you go [#2] in the potty like a big girl!!!"...that and the occasional DumDum lollipop. If ever there was a candy she'd set her eyes on, (we don't allow candy at will - I know, such mean parental units we are) she was told, "Sure, you can have that as soon as you go [#2] on the potty like a BIG GIRL!"

Don't you know - it worked!! It was probably a good 2-3 month span of potty training until she set out to earn that candy! But, once she did, she was SO incredibly proud, as were we. We all cheered and clapped and praised...and she ate 2 whole M&M's (after first counting them and telling us the colors correctly of them)!!! I swear, once that first BM in the potty, the rest was downhill. 

We now felt confident to venture out in public without a diaper...& also by this time she was already refusing a diaper at naptime, but was wearing one to bed (we never, not once used a pull up!)
She did GREAT out in public. Even when she was telling us "I gotta goooo", we could ask her to wait, due to being en route, & she would!! She is soooo good!! 
As of mid-June 2012, she was refusing a diaper at night as well. Having no accidents. The only downfall is...and we are not completely sold that this has nothing to do with her having a solitary kidney, but she literally wakes up about 6-10 times a night to pee. & SHE HATES IT! Bless her heart..she will NOT pee the bed, but Lord help us when she is woken up by the urge to go. Took us a little bit to figure out why she was waking up and crying but now we know. I don't like to have to get up for that either, right?!

So, we did it. Our first born...100% potty trained by the age of 3. She will be 3 at the end of this month. We couldn't be more proud but also didn't really expect much less. She already knows anything and everything a child entering Kindergarten should know. Colors, check. Alphabet (recite and recognize), check. Names of Dino's, check. Counts to 20, check. Recognizes number to 20, check. Counts to 10 in Spanish, check. Knows very animal and what sound they make and how they even move! She wants her own backpack & asks when she's going to school. She loves to say prayers and often times leads us in prayer before mealtime and even prays for her sister's booboos. She is the most compassionate human being we've ever met..and to 20 wks gestation, we were told she'd "probably be stillborn". 

Our babygirl. She's gonna be something wonderful to this world. You watch.

Tinkles & Winkles,


Evelyn said...

It's always the child that decides to make their own way into this world (unplanned but not unwanted) or the one the odds are against them that amaze us more. My son (6'1, picture on the "about me" page) was a complete surprise coming 11 years after my youngest daughter that has kept us laughing and kinda speechless since, Lol. You have a beautiful amazing daughter and I am so glad that you have the opportunity to blog about her early years. What a great record and so much better than the baby books I kept for my kids. I grabbed your button, you will find it under friends on the right columm:)

Angela said...

Yep, I've been there! Congrats on potty training the first princess! That is a huge feat! I know how excited I was :) My first was a pill to train. I couldn't say that we were safe in public until she was almost 3 :/ I was so frustrated with the whole thing! And no stickers or M&Ms would work with that stubborn girl! ugh! But then my 2nd, my son, just decided on his own one day that he wanted to use the big boy potty. He was barely 2, and I wasn't even thinking about training him yet. It's funny how each kid is so different, and the fact is they'll be the ones to decide when they want to use the big potty. Anyway, found you on the GFC hop and glad I did, your blog is adorable!!

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