Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Liebster Award!!!

Hey, you guys!! It's after 2am, Wednesday morning, and I'm up blogging...seems this is my only time of the day night to have real "me" time; with two toddlers, a hubby, an in-home Dog Grooming business & my other gigs I do to make money, life's been a bit crazy busy, but I love it all the same, if not more. Too bad babysitters and nail salons aren't operating at this hour, right?!

Anyhoot - Guess what?!? Not only did I reach 55 followers (via GFC) as of today (started blogging just 2 months 4 days ago) but I was also nominated & awarded this awesome blog award:

Hooray! I was nominated by the lovely Renee, over at Mother Daughter Book Reviews! I love the idea behind her blog...her and her daughter (and sometimes her son) give reviews on books & as an added bonus, her site provides children the opportunity to develop critical thinking and writing skills – - skills which go hand-in-hand with reading. Go check it out!!
The Liebster Blog Award:
The Liebster Blog Award is given to bloggers by bloggers. It is a way to acknowledge each other and say “you’re doing a great job”. It is for blogs with 200 or less followers, so it’s also a great way to spread the word about smaller blogs and get them more readers and followers! When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person(s) who nominated you. You pass the Award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions. You’re not allowed to nominate the blog(s) who nominated you! (To get the button, right click the picture on my page and save the picture to your computer. You can then upload to your blog.)

OK, Here Random 11 Facts!
My Bed...Teal/Brown are my colors and I have shear curtains up all
around my canopy, with blue string lights around the top! (See #8)
  1. I am 30 years old and didn't have my first child until I was 27. (Thank God!)
  2. I'm weird about food preparation and seldom allow others to prepare my food. Example: I have finally allowed my hubby to make me a sandwich but will probably reassemble it once he has brought it to me..and it took me years to not instruct him on how to spread the mayo or PB&J - crust to crust, lol.
  3. I sometimes expect too much from those I like/love which in turn lets myself down..I'm learning it's not others' fault, just my own - I should not hold others to any expectations!
  4. I have horrible Acne and have battled it with medications and anything else since I was in the 4th grade. (It went away for the 5 yrs I lived in MO and now that I moved back to FL, it's back - I'm convinced it's the nasty water here!)
  5. I am addicted to fruit. I always hated fruit and rarely ever ate it until I became pregnant with my oldest 4 years ago and ever since I crave it often and eat it many times daily!
  6. I'm in to attachment parenting but, sadly, I do allow my children to cry and from 6 months old, I allowed my babies to "cry it out". Shoot me, but it worked, and it worked WELL! 
  7. My husband is my #1 favorite person EVER. We do everything together or we don't do it at all. Example: he doesn't go off with "the guys" & I don't do "ladies nights out" and we love it like that. We don't have fun if the other isn't present.
  8. I absolutely HATE crumbs of any sort (whether sand, dirt, food, or whatever) in my bed! I am known to order everyone out of it at midnight and shake the entire sheets out or even change them! I'm very OCD about my bedding.
  9. I'm a freak about keeping my house spotless except for my master bedroom - it's embarrassing!! If I were asked to take pictures of it right now and share, I'd politely decline! We do not have any traditional dressers, so our room looks like a hurricane of clothing came through. But we just keep the door closed, haha!
  10. I have a stupid ritual that I do with searching my roots for gray hairs in the mirror in my bathroom almost every night. Most every woman in my family have all found gray hairs in their early 20's...I'm 30 & have yet to find one and I feel like the day I do will be the day I die!! I'm TERRIFIED of finding a gray hair, but I can't stop searching for it.
  11. On that note...I've always been the girl that's never been scared of death (speaking of myself) and all the sudden, I find myself having so much anxiety about my age and that I'm going to die a lot sooner than when I was just 18. It's a very odd anxiety I've formed and it bothers me a lot, recently.
11 Questions Asked to Me by Renee:
1. How long have you been blogging?I used to blog waaaaay back in the day for a couple 3 or 4 years? Then I found Myspace & Facebook and those addictions I found Blogger and loved all the mommy blogs, so I wanted in on that! So, here at Mama Winkle's Blog - 2months, 4 days, =)
2. What’s the last movie you’ve seen?
Hmmm, last night my oldest & I watched Rio together. 
3. If you could witness any past event, what would it be?
My early twenties from an outer body experience! I really dislike that person...I love who I am today.
4. Donut or cupcake?
BOTH! Please don't ask me to choose, lol.
5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
On a small horse ranch right outside the big city I live in...yup. That's all I want.
6. What would you name the autobiography of your life?
Picking up the Pieces of Me. 
7. If you could be reincarnated as any animal, what would it be?
A dog that belongs to a celebrity! :)
8. What is the most embarrassing song on your iPod/MP3 player?
What's more embarrassing is the fact that I don't have any type of MP3 player or iPod!
9. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?
Football & only because my man loves it so much & I've gotten into it from him watching it so much. I get annoyed with it by the end of the NFL season, though.
10. Which celebrity (artist, musician, athlete, author, etc.) would you switch lives with for one day?
Kim K!!! I secretly live vicariously through her when I watch Keeping Up! Bible!!
11. Where’s Waldo?
I found him, Renee - I think. Is he all blurry in the center of the picture?

My 11 Nominees:
2. Kate ~ Life As I Know It
4. Hannah ~ Hurley Love Blog
5. Sarah ~ Family Darr
6. Charlotte ~ Berice Baby
7. Mar ~ Raising Bean
8. Christine ~ Mavy May Designs
9. Claudia ~ Lashes & Beard
10. Michelle ~ My Happy Little Life

Go check all these really interesting blogs out - I just weeded thru my list of over 500 blogs to find 11 that A) had under 200 followers & B) I thought you guys would find very interesting and worth while to go visit & follow!
Congrats to all you lovely Blogger Ladies & Here are your 11 questions:

  1. What is your age? (Yeah, I really wanna know)
  2. Where did you grow up?
  3. Where is your favorite place to go out to dinner?
  4. What is your "go to" meal...that one meal you love to make on the fly and is really easy for you?
  5. What's your biggest pet peeve about your significant other?
  6. What's your most proudest parenting moment? (If you don't have children, then name your own proudest moment)
  7. Do you have any goals you are working towards? If yes, what are they?
  8. When you sleep in, what time constitutes "sleeping in"?
  9. What is your daily make-up routine?
  10. What drinks are in your refrigerator right this very moment?
  11. And finally, what do you love the most about blogging?

One more thing! Kimberly from A Night Owl Blog is hosting an Instagram Blog Hop - I am totally loving Instagram (even if you iPhoners HATE me because of the trivial fact that I'm an Android user)
But yeah, Go check it~! Link up, and make sure you follow the host, co-hosts, & ME! :)

Love & Awards,


Renee C. said...

Hi Kristen - love your post and I really enjoyed getting to know you a bit better. It's funny what you said about fear of death. I wonder if things changed after you had kids. I always get freaked out thinking that I can't die, because who would look after the kids?

As for Waldo, I was hoping someone could tell me? lol

Thanks :) Renee

Claudia at Lashes and Beard said...

Thanks for the Liebster award! Looking forward to answering the questions and passing the award on to others. :) Loved your answers, too.


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