Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sometimes it's ok to be a follower =]

Hi everyone!! I'm sure some of you are landing here through Melissa's GFC Blog Hop.

This is one of my favorite hops due to the amount of new friends I get each week from it. So, if you are here from the hop, please feel free to follow me through GFC...but also, please don't forget my Facebook page for my blog, as well as my Twitter & Instagram! :)

I'm still considering myself rather new to this & I would really love to see my numbers grow. So, c'mon, help me out and just clickity click on all my little fun thingies, ha! :)

Thank you to all my new bloggy friends!! You guys rock my socks off!
(Sidenote: I've hit 30 followers on GFC - cool!)

Stay tuned this week for fun summer recipes & toddler activities!

Our oldest Princess Winkle will be 3 whole entire years old in just 10 short days ~ YAY!!!! 

Love and straight hair,


Debra Ann Elliott said...

Great blog! Stopping by from Mom's Monday Mingle and following.

Camille Griffiths said...

New follower. :) Aww, happy birthday to your little one! Mine is 3 too. :)

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