Saturday, August 4, 2012

Friday Letters...'s not our Friday, but actually our Tuesday, since Mr. B's days off are Tuesday & Wednesday. 
Anyhoot...I'm linking up with the adventurous Ashley for Friday's Letters!

And away we go....
Dear Mackie Mae, Thank you for being the most loving, compassionate 3 year old mommy has ever met. Seriously, I hardly know any other human being as compassionate as you...well, maybe your daddy, so I think you come by it honestly. I can hardly get enough of your wit. You have been coming up with the craziest, funniest stuff lately. C'mon, "Duck..Duck..Duck...CHICKEN!" haha, it's funny! Everyday, telling me how you love your "people" is too cute. I'm glad you know who your cousins are and that you love them. Also, that you love Nana, Aunt Kimmy, Gaige & Gregory. I love that you are old enough now, to have your own "people", as you call them. :)
Hooray for baby/toddler wearing!! (pardon the horrible pic,
quality & the fact that I was wearing no makeup and
 was sweating from being outside in 115 degree heat!)
Dearest Brookie Sue, What a cutie you are. Thank you for making it through that God awful teething session you had last week - you poor thing. Now, you're back to your old crazy self. Not as many temper tantrums...but, thank God mommy found that baby sling at the yard sale today, for $1.50 so that I can FINALLY wear you...& I knew that was all you needed...heck, just around the house you loved it and mommy did too. We used to dread having to go to the store & now we can't wait! Thank you for being so loving to your daddy, are a hard kid to win over, that is for sure!
Dear Mr. B., Oh Em Gee..I love how I can totally feel that you have fallen in love with me all over again...& when you tried to tell me that today, I had already felt it. I love that kind of connection we have. I love how our new stability has brought us new love and brought us back to that "new love infatuation" feeling all over again. The comments, the stares, the flirting and groping. Yes, it all lets me know what you're feeling. I know you are doing so much for us girls and it never goes unnoticed. I really hope you know that I've been trying to step up my domestic duties. I try to let you sleep uninterrupted during the day and put my own selfishness aside. Oh, & I have noticed the increase in diaper changes you've done the past week or so - thank you, my love. You really are a dream come true - still..almost 6 years later.
Dear Mommy, I love that I have you. Even though we haven't been able to take advantage of the fact we all live in the same city again, we will soon enough. I know your entire year so far hasn't gone your way, or even been at all anything you'd want, but trust me when I say - You are the most amazing woman I know. I love you for all that you do. Thank you for all that you do. 
Dear Sister, I love you too...& I want a sister day...I want to start taking advantage of the fact that we live in the same city again and actually do stuff together. & I love getting clothes together for my niece and giving them to her...speaking of, there's a HUGE couple of bags over here for her. Come over (squeeee) & pick 'em up! OK, and visit, too! :)
Dear Blog friends, Where are most of you at? I've had soooo many new followers this past week but yet nobody ever seems to comment or say much at all to me...why so quiet ladies?!? lol, I won't bite!!! Seriously though, you guys are amazing...I've had, like, 40 new followers in the past week or so. Awesome? Shhhhyeah!
Dear Florida, HOLY SHIT! Can you back'er down on the heat a 'lil bitty? It's been so effing hot I can't take my kids outside for fear they might melt into a puddle of kid! What would I do with my kid melted into a puddle? How would I explain that to the ER my parents ANYONE? Lighten up, already, will ya?
Dear Daily Readers, Yes, you guys are so sweet - thank you for actually reading and I am sooo sorry my posts seem so long winded. I even try to "weed out" some stuff, but I really think everything needs to be said that is said. No? Am I long winded? LMAO!


&& check this out! This is my first time linking up with Lauren @ The Little Things We Do for:
 Fill In The Blank Friday!
Shall we?!
(My answers follow the underlined part)

1) I am proud of myself. I think I'm doing really good @ keeping up with my household duties (especially the laundry, holy crapola, I've ironed, folded AND put away every load this week, HOLLA!), putting myself together everyday (so I can look & feel my best), and for not putting myself down lately, for saying things to Mr. B. about myself that are nice, for a change.

2) This weekend I will spend time with my mommy and my grandparents! Yay! We are going over to my mother's house to spend the day and just hang out so everyone can see the kids as this is mom's last weekend of her summer break before school starts back (she's an elementary school teacher). I'm hella excited about this.

3) A secret dream I have is to get laser treatments done to my face to fix my horrid acne scars that have ruined my self esteem. I guess it's not really a secret now - but it will always be a dream of mine until it happens!! (hint hint)

4) I can't handle certain over dramatic people in my life. It's always "something" but to everyone else, it's nothing that big'a deal. It's annoying and being around it makes me feel like I'm having an allergic reaction. 

5) The most annoying thing in the entire world is the fact that there are BUGS on our planet!!! WHY?!?!?!!

6) The most relaxing thing in the entire world is taking little cat naps with Mr. B. while the girls are napping, too. It's sooo relaxing to lie down, hold each other face to face, fall asleep and keep waking up intermittently to just make out real quick and fall back asleep. LOVE LOVE that. Do all couples do that?

7) I think everyone should help other people in any way they can. If you know someone who needs help & you can help, don't make them ask, offer to help! That is huge to someone who needs it. Plus, it will make the world a happier place & you'll feel so good at the end of the day.

I know I am technically a day late, but we are a 3rd shift, technically, I am not late by my clock!
By the way...I feel like I'm losing my eyesight more and more each day- drastically! Standing 8 ft from my baby sitting in her high chair today, I couldn't make out her face - it was all blurry and I could just see blurry eyes and lips, not even her nose. That's bad. & scary. & my glasses were working and now they seem too weak...oh no!!! :(

Love & more love,


Claudia at Lashes and Beard said...

Awesome post! I know the feeling when you have all these followers but no comments... can be a little disheartening. Hang in there! :-)

#6 on your list is so sweet. I don't know if all couples do that, but Josh and I do and it's our favorite way to relax, too.

Camille said...

Ew, I can't handle dramatic people either. And I have a lot in my family. xP

I never did babywearing with my daughter but I need to figure out what carrier to get for my baby on the way... I see everyone doing it these days, I guess it must be good!

Miss Traci said...

Found you through the Fridays Letters linkup! I love reading about your love for your husband - it's awesome, and makes me feel a bit guilty for being so hard on my third shift man sometimes. And Hooray for awesome garage sale finds! Hope your little one finishes teething soon!


Miss Traci said...
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Tanyia said...

I am a new follower from the Florida Bloggers link up, would love to have you stop by

Lincoln Madison said...

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